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Fortnite Will Run At 90 FPS On OnePlus 8 Phones
There are various ways gamers can improve themselves in the games they play. It could be hardware where having a more responsive keyboard or mouse can help, better audio, a faster computer, and so on. Frame rates have also been found to help improve your gaming experience, and soon OnePlus 8 owners might have an advantage.

Epic Finally Kills Off Fortnite’s Controversial Aim Assist Controller Setting
Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is a game that has managed to capture the world by storm, but it is not without its fair share of criticisms and controversies. One of those includes a controller settings in the game in which it basically allows users to have aim assist, thus making it easier for users to aim at their enemies without having to try too hard.

Fortnite Now Runs At 120 FPS On The iPad Pro
One of the things that many gamers try to achieve when building their own PC is achieving a frames per second (FPS) of at least 60 FPS when playing at the highest settings possible. This is because 60 FPS offers a much smoother gameplay compared to 30 FPS, which is still very much playable, but not quite as smooth.

Epic Gives In, Will Be Bringing Fortnite To The Google Play Store
When Epic launched Fortnite for Android, the company made a somewhat controversial move where they decided to bypass the Google Play Store. Instead, the company chose to launch the game through its own website where users had to download the game and sideload it, which some expressed concern over due to possibility of malware.


Fortnite Will Be Adding Bots To The Game To Make It Easier For Newbies
Competitive online games can be rather stressful, especially if you’re new to the game and have no idea what you’re doing. This can result in players quitting and giving up before they’ve really had a chance to play the game properly. To help ease newbies into Fortnite, Epic has recently announced that they will be introducing bots to the game.

iOS 13’s New Gestures Are Causing Games Like Fortnite To Bug Out
So iOS 13 was released not too long ago but it seems that the update is already causing some issues with certain games, namely games like PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale. According to reports, it seems that gamers are accidentally bringing up the text editing feature during sessions of PUBG and Fortnite.

Ninja Is The First Pro Gamer To Be Signed With Adidas
When it comes to brand deals with sports brands, it makes sense that these deals would be signed with more traditional athletes who might actually use their products. However, the definition of an athlete is starting to change these days, where pro gamers are being lumped into that category as well.

16-Year Old Teen Just Made Bank By Winning $3 Million In Fortnite Championship
Back in the earlier days of computer games, the narrative would be that playing sports was “cool” while video games were seen as something that was nerdy and had no future. However, fast forward to today, and that narrative has changed massively. Take Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16-year old teen who took home a cool $3 million and the title in the first ever Fortnite World Cup championship.

This Kid Streams Fortnite 10 Hours A Day To Pay His Dad’s Medical Bills
Going to the hospital for treatment can be an expensive process, especially if it is for a serious illness such as cancer. Insurance can only cover so much, which is why a young boy who goes by the Twitch handle zylTV has decided to take up a career in video game streaming in hopes that he can raise enough money to help pay for his dad’s medical bills.

Former Epic Director Reveals He Had Tried To Cancel Fortnite’s Development
Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment and it is a huge money maker for Epic. However, it seems that had one former Epic director had his way, Fortnite would have been cancelled and it would never have been made a reality. This is according to an interview with Game Informer where former Epic director Rod Fergusson talked about his time at the company.

Fortnite Update Forces Xbox One And PS4 Players To Fight Each Other
The rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation gamers is nothing new, but it seems that Epic could actually be actively encouraging it. In the latest update to the game that bumps it up to version 8.10 (via Engadget), the game will now automatically group Xbox One and PS4 gamers together where they will then battle against each other.

Apex Legends Beats Fortnite’s Record For Single Day Twitch Viewing
It is unclear as to what the future holds for the Titanfall franchise, but in the meantime it seems the the franchise’s developer, Respawn, might have stumbled upon a new hit game in the form of Apex Legends. The game has not only managed to accrue millions of players over the course of days, but it seems that they might have broken a record previously set by Fortnite Battle Royale.

Nerf’s Fortnite Guns Will Be Launched Next Month
Last year Hasbro announced that they would be making a series of Nerf guns based on Fortnite. This isn’t the first time that Hasbro has collaborated with video game developers, as previously they had created some Nerf guns based on Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise. For those who are looking forward to these toys, you’ll be pleased to learn that they will be made available for purchase next month.

Spectator Mode Is Finally Coming To Fortnite
If a feature that you think is missing from Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is spectator mode, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Epic will be adding the feature to the game in the future. This is according to an email that Epic is said to be sending out to select Fortnite players were they were inviting them to take part in a private testing session.