One of the ways many companies these days are finding their way around the notch design is by introducing a camera that can popup. This means that the front of the phone can be 100% display, whereas with the notch design, part of the display’s real estate has to go to the front-facing camera.


So far we’ve see companies such as Oppo and Vivo adopt such designs, and could ASUS be next? According to a recent patent filing discovered by Let’s Go Digital, it seems that ASUS has filed for a patent that describes a phone that has a popup camera. The patent references three different types of design and the sizes of the popup, where one is a small popup, while the other seems to take up almost the entire width of the smartphone.

There are pros and cons to these designs, where the smaller version means that it will use less materials and could be lighter. However the downside is that due to it being smaller, it might be weaker in structural integrity and could break off easier. The larger model looks like it might be more sturdy, but based on the diagram it’s not the most attractive of designs.

That being said there’s no telling if ASUS has plans to ever make this particular design a reality, so try not to read too much into it at the moment.

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