There are some developers who adopt particularly tough stances against cheaters, such as Blizzard who outright bans Overwatch players who are caught cheating. However in the case of Bethesda, it seems that they plan on giving Fallout 76 cheats an opportunity to redeem themselves by writing an essay on why cheating is bad.

According to YouTuber JuiceHead (via DualShockers), it seems that there are some Fallout 76 players who were banned from the game after getting caught using third-party software. These players were sent a notice informing them that they were caught and that their accounts had been permanently banned.

However it seems that despite the term “permanently” being used, part of the notice mentions that the ban can be appealed. “If you would like to appeal this account closure, we would be willing to accept an essay on ‘why the use of third-party cheat software is detrimental to an online game community’, for our management team to review.”

Presumably the essay is meant to convey contrition for cheating (although some claim that the ban is unfair as they are only using the mods to modify the graphics of the game, and aren’t cheating in the traditional sense). This isn’t the first time that essays have been used to appeal bans, but it is an interesting approach all the same.

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