These days a lot of companies that make computer parts and accessories are introducing LED lights to their products. For example there are LEDs in liquid cooling systems, fans, cases itself, and RAM modules. Usually these kinds of products tend to come with a premium, but what if you wanted the lights minus the costs?

The good news is that if you’re looking to bling up your RAM modules, Corsair is now selling dummy RAM modules with lights built into them. These RAM modules will plug into your motherboard like a normal stick of RAM, and will also light up thanks to the built-in RGB lights. However apart from that, that’s all they do and they do not actually provide additional RAM.

This is purely for aesthetic purposes and if you do have several RAM slots free on your motherboard, then this might be one way to go about taking advantage of it. In terms of pricing, the Vengeance RGB is priced at $40 which comes with two modules, which isn’t exactly cheap but it could be worth checking out if you’re trying to create a certain look for your PC.

Corsair is not the first company to create such a product. As Tom’s Hardware points out, Gigabyte unveiled something similar with its Aorus RGB LED kit.

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