Epic Games teased a new Fortnite vehicle recently which seems to look like a snowboard. The developer has now confirmed that it won’t be releasing this vehicle, called the Driftboard, with the upcoming Fortnite patch. A snowboard-like vehicle seems an appropriate addition to this insanely popular game ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Many fans had expected this to be included in the season 7 update but it wasn’t. Epic has set the record straight, confirming that the Driftboard won’t be a part of the game’s upcoming patch. It confirmed this through a post on the official Fortnite subreddit.

Epic says that it discovered a bug with the new vehicle which has forced it to delay the release. Fortnite patch v7.10 was supposed to be released this morning but this issue has prevented the developer from rolling it out. Epic also discovered a bigger issue which caused it to delay the patch as well.

The developer hasn’t said when it will be able to release patch v7.10 and the Driftboard. It’s yet to clarify whether the Driftboard will indeed be included with the patch when it’s finally released or if it’s going to release a separate update later for the new vehicle.

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