The Nintendo Switch eShop is a pretty straightforward name and it more or less tells you what it is about. However could Nintendo be possibly thinking of changing its name? According to a recent lawsuit, it seems that the company could be thinking of doing so where the name could be changed to the “Nintendo Switch Online shop”.


In a post on ResetEra, it was discovered that Nintendo had recently filed a lawsuit against a man who was selling the NES Classic Edition and Switch consoles where pirated games were preloaded on them. It was also in that lawsuit that Nintendo had apparently referred to the eShop as the Nintendo Switch Online shop, which led to speculation that the company could be looking to introduce a new name/branding to the platform.

We expect that Nintendo’s lawyers would be more than well-aware of what the company calls its online shop, which at the moment is still referred to as the eShop, so for them to call it by something else suggests that a change could be on its way. Nintendo’s eShop for the Switch is one of the features that gamers aren’t too happy about as it is not the most easiest store to navigate.

The company has made various changes to the platform to date, but perhaps with a rebranding the company could finally be giving it a major overhaul, but that’s just speculation on our end. Take it with a grain of salt but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information.

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