We’ve seen how AI can be used rather disturbingly for deepfake videos, and it seems that AI is only getting better at this. NVIDIA has recently published their latest work on AI (via Motherboard) and as you can see in the video above, those are actually not photos of real people, but rather images generated by AI.

This was achieved by combining Generative Adversarial Networks and AI style transfer, in which the researchers were able to create a blend of human faces that can be morphed into very realistic looking images of people who actually do not exist. This was done by the GAN studying a variety of human faces, after which it then models the new faces based on what it has learnt.

What’s disturbing is that these images look so real, and in many ways it is ironic as these images look more realistic than those we see on magazine covers sometimes, in which they are edited and photoshopped. These images contain a variety of so-called imperfections, like uneven beards, wrinkles around the eyes (which magazines sometimes like to airbrush out), freckles, blotchy skin, and so on.

It is unclear as to what this technology could be used for, but it’s starting to feel like it might get harder to trust what we see on the internet.

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