Ever since Pokemon GO was launched, many have been asking for Niantic to bring PVP into the game. After all being able to battle your friends in the regular version of Pokemon was what made the game so appealing to begin with, or at least that was one of the things that helped. It was earlier this month that Niantic finally confirmed the feature would be coming, and now it looks like it has.

In an announcement made on the Pokemon website, it has been confirmed that Trainer Battles are now officially here for players to check out. According to the announcement, “Now, high-level players can face off against other Trainers in head-to-head matches using teams of three Pokémon. When the match is over, both participants will receive great rewards, including a chance at rare Evolution items like the Sinnoh Stone.”

“To make sure the playing field is even for all competitors, Trainers must compete in the same Trainer Battle League, which determines the highest CP permitted for the participating Pokémon. Those looking for a greater challenge can test their mettle in the Master League, which has no limits to the CP of Pokémon that can battle. Here, winning strategies may revolve around powerful Legendary Pokémon and clever counters.”

It has also been noted that Level 10 is the minimum level that Trainers will need to access this feature, although we imagine that if you have been playing long enough this shouldn’t be an issue, but it also means that those new to the game will need to spend some time to level themselves up before jumping into battles.

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