Just like how the iPad Pros come with a Smart Connector that allows additional accessories and peripherals attach to it, the ASUS ROG Phone also came with an additional connection port that was separate from the USB-C port that it typically used for charging. This extra port is also of the USB-C variety and is featured on the side of the phone.


The idea is that due to its position, accessories and other peripherals can be attached to the phone without any weird cable bending/angles. However it also seems that users have found out that the phone can “charge itself”. This discovery was posted on Reddit (via Android Police) where a user has taken a USB-C to USB-C cable, plugged the ends into each of the USB-C ports, and hilariously revealed that the phone started to charge itself, suggesting that ASUS might have accidentally stumbled across infinite power.

Now obviously this is impossible due to the law of thermodynamics, so in reality while the software seems to recognize that it is being charged, the reality is that it isn’t. Also in the video above uploaded by Android Police, the software also seems to think that the phone is an external USB drive.

We’re not sure if this is a “bug”, but maybe ASUS should think about addressing it lest it leads to confusion and misunderstandings about what the phone can and cannot do.

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