Recently the folks at XDA managed to get their hands on what is apparently an internal build of Android Q, and based on their findings, it seems that one of the features is that it might finally bring system-wide dark mode to Android. However another feature that they discovered is that Android Q could also introduce a desktop mode for Android.

This is based on the discovery of a new Developer Option called “force desktop mode”. Unfortunately details about this mode is scarce but its description reads, “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays”. However based on its name, XDA has speculated that it could be similar to what Samsung attempted with its DeX device, or EMUI’s Easy Projection-type feature.

Basically it sounds like a desktop mode for Android developed by Google, meaning that you won’t need a Samsung DeX device to use it as it should be available on any Android phone (or at least compatible models). This sounds like it could be a good idea, although at the same time it makes Google come across as a bit confused.

Chrome OS is Google’s platform for computers, while Android is for phones. While a desktop mode no doubt will come in handy, what does that mean for Chrome OS? It’s probably too early to tell what this feature does so maybe we’ll stop speculating so much, but hopefully we’ll have some of those details soon.

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