We’ve all seen instances of how terrible some people are when it comes to parking, where they occupy more than one slot at once. This has a chain reaction which can sometimes result in drivers being unable to find parking. However over in the UK, Gatwick Airport has decided to trial the use of robot valet parking.


The idea is that with robots being used to help park a car, it can be more efficient at doing so which in turn can result in being able to squeeze an extra one third more vehicles into a parking lot. This in turn helps generate more venue since more cars equals more parking fees, but it also helps with space as it means that they won’t need to build a new parking structure.

All users need to do is drive their cars to a dedicated drop-off zone and call for the robot valet in which the booking can be done via an accompanying app. The robot will then use a forklift to lift up your car, and then use military-grade GPS to bring your car to the parking bay. The best part is that you don’t need to give it your keys in case you’re worried about security.

Gatwick Airport isn’t the first to trial such a system as it has been pointed out that similar trials had been conducted at Paris, Lyon, and Düsseldorf, where it has proven to be successful to the point where customers weren’t even aware that robots were used.

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