Due to the fact that many manufacturers release Android updates at different times, it can leave a feeling of uncertainty amongst users, where some might be wondering where the heck is their update, and whether or not they will get an update. Now in a post on HMD’s website, they detail what goes on behind the process of an update.

Presumably the idea behind this infographic is to give users better understanding of why sometimes updates seem to take a while before they are released, and why sometimes they might be released at different points in time. Now it should be noted that this process will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer since different companies have different ways of doing things.

However in the case of Android updates for Nokia devices, the first step involves receiving the Android code from Google, after which they will take that software and integrate it with special features exclusive to Nokia phones. This is followed by the chipset vendor release where they will need to ensure that the software will work with the hardware, which HMD notes is based on a priority list.

Then there is the testing process where they will test out things like network compatibility, web browsing, SMS, video streaming, and so on, before it is released as a beta software to select users to try. Once all of that is done and it passes QA and operator tests, it will then be released to users.

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