Have you ever spotted a green traffic light from a distance and you’re unsure if you should speed up to try and make it, or slow down in anticipation of it turning red? We’re sure that most of us have, but it seems that Audi wants to help drivers make those decisions with its Traffic Light Information system.

So how does this feature work? Basically, it uses information from your car’s position from the traffic light and also the traffic light data. From there it will be able to calculate the ideal speed that you should be traveling if you’re hoping to beat the red light. You might think that speeding up at green light means that you’ll be able to catch the next greenlight as well, but that might not always be the case due to the timing differences on traffic lights.

This system will help calculate that information and will show drivers a suggested speed on their dashboard that they should adhere to if they’re hoping for an uninterrupted journey. Audi’s TLI system isn’t exactly new. The company had previewed it back in 2016 but they are updating it with new features.

Other features of the TLI include the ability to notify drivers if an upcoming traffic light will turn red by the time they reach, and also display a countdown when they’re waiting at the light so they know how long they have to wait until it turns green.

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