Just like with many games that you’re playing for the first time ever, choosing a race, a class, skills, professions, and so on can be a bit confusing and sometimes even intimidating. More often than not, players usually end up regretting some of their choices later on when they gain a bit more experience, and usually, this means rerolling their character.

The good news for Pokemon GO players who chose the “wrong” team at the start of the game and want to switch teams, you will soon be able to. Niantic has announced that they will soon allow players to change teams, but unfortunately, it will not be free and players will have to pay for it.

In order to change teams, players will need to obtain an in-game item called the Team Medallion. This in-game item will cost 1,000 Pokecoins which can be earned the good old fashioned way of playing the game, or you can buy it using real-life money where a pack of 1,200 coins costs $10, which means that 1,000 coins should be priced at roughly $8.

Also note that there will be a limit where players are only allowed to change teams once a year, meaning that you can keep changing throughout the year as and when you wish, so you need to think long and hard before making the change. The Team Medallion item should be rolling out come 26th February.

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