It seems like every other game is getting a battle royale mode these days. That’s just how popular it has become. However, one game that you would have least expected to get it in would have been Tetris. Not to be outdone by the Fortnites and the Apex Legends of the world, Nintendo has announced Tetris 99, its very own take on a battle royale mode for this popular puzzle title.


Tetris 99 was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct in which the company also announced Super Mario Maker 2 in addition to providing more details about the incoming Fire Emblem title for the Switch.

Much like other battle royale games, Tetris 99 players will be competing against each other online until only one emerges victorious. Obviously, since this is a puzzler there won’t be any fort building or advanced weaponry. What players can do is attack others with “garbage” which pushes them closer to the top of the screen and eventually out of the game. Players earn “KO” badges for any opponent that they knock out of the game.

Tetris 99 is going to be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members. Nintendo has also said that there will be online events for this title soon as well.

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