A lot of us probably taking our hearing for granted, but for those who might have their hearing impaired, they might face a lot of challenges in day to day situations. This is why Google has since launched a new tool for Android called Live Transcribe that is aimed at empowering its users who might be hard of hearing.


According to Google’s announcement, “Today, we’re announcing Live Transcribe, a free Android service that makes real-world conversations more accessible by bringing the power of automatic captioning into everyday, conversational use. Powered by Google Cloud, Live Transcribe captions conversations in real-time, supporting over 70 languages and more than 80% of the world’s population.”

From what we can tell, the tool seems similar in its transcription feature to other Google apps that supports voice input, where as you speak the words are transcribed so you can see the sentence as it builds, versus waiting until the end where it might be wrong. This will come in handy for those hard of hearing as they will also be able to get the gist of what the person is saying, and the live transcription is much quicker compared to typing back and forth.

The Live Transcribe app is available for download via Google Play, but it seems that it is still in development so what you see now might not be the final version and that there could be bugs due to it being incomplete.

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