When it comes to gaming mice, there are plenty of options to choose in the market today. However if there is one gaming mouse that is revered by many a gamer, it would be the Logitech MX518. The mouse was originally launched in 2005 and is considered by many to be one of the best gaming mice to date.


The good news is that if you still feel that way about the MX518, you’ll be pleased to learn that Logitech has announced that they will be reviving the MX518. For the most part the size and shape of the new MX518 will be similar to its predecessor, but it has undergone a slight redesign where it will no longer feature the faux dents, and will instead sport a smooth finish.

It will also be receiving updated internals where it will use the HERO 16K sensor and a 32-bit ARM processor that will help give the mouse a 1ms report rate. There will also be eight programmable buttons, and the onboard memory will also allow users to save their preferences directly on the mouse, thus allowing gamers to bring the mouse with them on the go without needing to reconfigure everything again.

That being said, the mouse will still be a wired mouse which means that if you were hoping for a wireless MX518, you’d be out of luck. The mouse is available for pre-order via Logitech’s website where it will be priced at $60.

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