Last year Nintendo released a couple of new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, but for the most part they felt like a remake of older (read classic) Pokemon games, such as Pokemon Yellow. For fans who are hankering for a brand new Pokemon, Nintendo stated that such a game would be launching in 2019.

The good news for fans who have been waiting is that it looks like the game has since been officially announced in the form of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Similar to Pokemon Let’s Go! where there were two versions, these new games will be split into Sword and Shield where they are set to take place in a brand new region called Galar.

Three new Pokemon belonging to this generation were also shown off where one of them is a grass-based Pokemon called Grookey, the other a fire-based Pokemon called Scorbunny, and a water-based Pokemon called Sobble. The game also seems to feature cell-shaded graphics where it seems to be a blend between 3D graphics and also cartoony anime-style graphics.

It comes off looking pretty good, although the company did caution that what we see in the trailer isn’t the final footage. There is no set date for these new games yet, but The Pokemon Company had previously stated that the game will be everything fans have been waiting for.

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