It has been less than a year since the Razer Game Store was launched. The company tried its hand at digital distribution but it hasn’t taken Razer long to decide that this isn’t something it wants to continue doing. The company has thus confirmed that it will be shutting down the Razer Game Store for good on February 28th.


The Razer Game Store was launched in April last year, it offered customers exclusive game deals in addition to discounts on the company’s gaming peripherals. That may not have been enough for customers to leave the distribution platforms that they have already been using.

Razer posted an announcement on its store, saying that the Razer Game Store will cease operations on February 28th at 01:00 Pacific Time “as part of the company’s realignment plans.” Razer will continue to honor pre-orders after the shut down and mentions that the games that customers bought from it will continue to work as long as they have their Steam or Uplay keys. Customers won’t be able to access those keys after the shut down date.

Razer will only be distributing games through its reward programs from March 2019 onward. The Razer Gold and Silver reward programmes allow users to exchange their virtual coins for vouchers, games, Razer hardware, and more.

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