Amazon today announced an update for its cheapest Kindle e-reader, the one that it brands as just “Kindle.” It gets a new feature that has long been standard on many of the company’s other readers. The cheapest Kindle will now offer customers a built-in light. That’s more or less the only major difference in this latest version of the company’s cheapest e-reader.


Amazon does say that it has made some subtle design changes so that the Kindle is more comfortable to hold. Looks wise, though, it still looks a lot like the 2016 model. The company hasn’t added the built-in light at no cost to the customer. It has raised the price of the Kindle by $10 so it will now cost $89.99 for the cheapest, ad-supported model.

The other specifications remain the same which includes the 167ppi display. The screen remains recessed instead of flush with the device as on the other models and it’s also the only Kindle in Amazon’s lineup that’s not waterproof. Customers who are interested in picking one up can now pre-order the updated Kindle through Amazon.

The company says that it will begin shipping out units to customers on April 10th. Amazon is offering gift cards to those willing to trade-in their old device in addition to a 25 percent discount on the new one. The value of that gift card will depend on how old the Kindle being traded in is.

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