Amazon launched its Dash Buttons in 2015. They were effectively handed out for free to customers and allowed them to reorder items like bottled water, detergent, dog food, and more at the touch of a button. The company has now decided to do away with the buttons and will no longer be sending them out.


The buttons were effectively free because Amazon sold them for $5 up front but it would reimburse that amount once the customer made their first purchase using the button. Amazon has confirmed that it has stopped selling the Dash Buttons globally.

It has also provided clarity on what will happen for the buttons that are already with customers. Amazon says that it will continue to support new orders made through existing Dash Buttons. So if you have a few lying around you can still use them but Amazon will no longer send you new ones.

“Dash button was an awesome stepping stone into the world of connected home,” said Daniel Rausch, a vice president at Amazon who helped grow the Dash program since its start. Millions of these tiny buttons have been shipped by Amazon over the years with the most popular buttons being for items that people run out of regularly such as toilet paper and paper towels.

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