The European Union is expected to enact new regulations which will mandate that cars come with technology that can automatically force them to slow down or brake when the driver goes over the speed limit. These regulations may come into force after May 2022 and will apply to all new cars sold in the EU and the United Kingdom. The regulations will apply to the UK regardless of whatever happens with Brexit.


The mandated technology will be able to force cars to brake and slow down when the speed limit is exceeded. The new cars would also be required to have breathalyzers and distraction recognition system. The latter would warn drivers if it senses that they’re getting drowsy or are otherwise not focused on the road.

There will be data recorders in the car which document what happens during an accident. These new rules are called the General Safety Regulation and they have been provisionally agreed upon by the EU. It’s expected that this move could end up saving thousands of lives each year.

The European Parliament still needs to ratify the new regulation before it comes into force. This is expected to happen in September this year. Antonio Avenoso, executive director of the European Transport Safety Council, predicts that the regulations can prevent 25,000 deaths as a result of traffic accidents within 15 years of coming into force.

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