EU member states will not adhere to daylight saving time as the European Parliament has now voted to end the practice. The biannual clock changes became the law back in 1996 but the bloc is doing away with it going forward. The clock changes will come to an end in EU member states come 2021. This will free up individual member states to decide whether they want to remain on winter or summer time permanently.

The EU started looking into the possibility of ending daylight saving time across the bloc last year following a Europe-wide poll to get the public’s feedback about the rules. 84 percent were in favor of the clocks remaining the same throughout the year.

The EU Commission had thus proposed ending the practice of daylight saving time in August last year. These rules were originally enacted to reduce energy costs but the commission finds that the benefits were inconclusive. There was little evidence to show that changing the clocks twice a year reduces traffic accidents.

That’s beside the fact that changing the clocks also disrupts the human biorhythm and that can have some serious implications for human health. Keeping all of this in mind in addition to the public’s wishes, the block has now decided to end daylight saving time in 2021.

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