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EU Parliament Has Voted To End Daylight Saving Time
EU member states will not adhere to daylight saving time as the European Parliament has now voted to end the practice. The biannual clock changes became the law back in 1996 but the bloc is doing away with it going forward. The clock changes will come to an end in EU member states come 2021. This will free up individual member states to decide whether they want to remain on […]

EU Roaming Charges Will End By June 2017
The European Union has been talking about abolishing mobile roaming charges between the member states for a long time now and it’s likely to go ahead with the move by mid-June. The European Comission, parliament, and representatives of the 28 member states have come to an agreement on wholesale roaming charges that will make life easier for mobile users moving freely across Europe.

European Commission Wants Flat Pricing On Digital Products In The EU
While Europe shares a common currency, not everything is priced the same. For example a game you buy on Steam in Germany might be priced differently compared to if you were to buy it if you were in Italy. However the discrepancy in pricings might so go the way of the dinosaur if the European Commission has their way.According to a report from MCV, it seems that the Commission is […]

Europe Will Scrap Roaming Charges Come June 2017
Given that the countries who fall under the EU banner share the continent and currency, it seems that what they don’t share is a standard telco rate. This means that if you were to travel within Europe, you could face roaming charges despite coming from one of the countries in Europe.It sounds ridiculous but we suppose it makes good business sense, but back in 2013, the EU Commission planned to […]


European Standard Phone Charger Law: Pro and Cons
The European parliament is pushing to have phone manufacturers use a single type of charger for all mobile phones. According to some institutions, this would reduce the Euro electronic waste by 51000 tons and it would basically put an end to a rather stupid situation where consumers have to buy proprietary chargers each time they get a new handset (this doesn’t happen much these days…). It would also make it […]

Europe Approves 3G, LTE Networks For Use In-Flight
The other day we reported that the EASA, Europe’s version of the FAA, finally allowed the use of personal electronic devices at all stages of the flight, including take off and landing, following in the footsteps of the FAA who recently approved something similar as well. Well it looks like the EASA will be taking things one step further and will now allow the deployment of 3G and LTE networks […]

EASA To Allow Personal Electronic Device Usage During All Stages Of The Flight
It wasn’t too long ago that the FAA decided to go ahead and approve the use of personal electronic devices during the entire flight, meaning that passengers will no longer have turn off their devices during take-off and landing. However considering that the FAA is part of the US Department of Transportation, what this means is that for those of us living in Asia or Europe or other parts of […]

Sony Offers 10% Discount For Europe
If you happen to live in Europe and have always wanted to get your hands in the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, but never really got down to it because your wallet or bank account did not really manage to achieve such a balance. Well, if that is the case, then here is some good news for you – Sony Europe is currently offering a 10% discount code (SORRY2013) for all […]

Sony XPERIA ZL European Launch In April
We’ve had a good time with the Sony XPERIA Z at CES, but most people forget that there are other handsets from Sony coming up. For instance, the Sony XPERIA ZL is said to be launching in a couple of months in Europe, and we will probably have to wait for carrier deals until this is announced in the USA. So far, we know that one of the variants works […]

HTC Sensation with Android 4.0 to launch this March
Good news for HTC Sensation owners – the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich should be arriving on your phones soon. According to a press release from HTC Dutch’s office, an updated version of the HTC Sensation is scheduled to arrive in the country on March 1st. And when we say updated, we mean the phone will be released with Android Ice Cream Sandwich onboard – which means that […]

Motorola RAZR Developer Edition will ship with an unlocked bootloader
Looking to replace the Blur-contaminated Android on your Motorola RAZR with a custom ROM of your own? Well, it looks like folks in Europe will soon be able to in the future. Motorola has officially announced a phone just for that very purpose. Called the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition, the phone comes with an unlocked bootloader, which will allow the installation of unauthorized code (i.e. a different operating system or […]

Panasonic Android smartphone for Europe next year
Panasonic announced today that it plans to enter the European market with a brand new Android smartphone next year. While the company didn’t announce the name of the device, it did reveal its specs. The phone will feature an ultra slim D-shaped design (think of it as a really slim capital D), a slim bezel with a qHD resolution 4.3″ OLED display, and a waterproof, dustproof and NFC (according to […]

Acer M2 TV monitors headed to Europe
There are TVs, and there are monitors, but it looks like Acer has plans for some sort of hybrid with TV monitors when they released their M2 Series of displays, and adding to that list are the M222HQML, M242HML and the M272HML and they are expected to make their European debut soon.

Dutch court rejects Samsung's request for iPhone 4S ban
In the whole Apple vs Samsung saga, Apple has been basing their arguments of patent infringement largely upon the design and look of Samsung’s products, claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet resembles their iPad. Samsung on the other hand is using hardware as their argument, claiming that Apple was infringing upon wireless technology patents used in their iPhones and 3G iPads. However while Apple has been seeing success […]

Blackberry services down in Europe, Middle East, Africa
Heads up Blackberry users in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, it looks like RIM is facing some technical issues which might be able to explain why you are having issues accessing certain features on your phones. This seems to have been confirmed by a variety of carriers in those particular regions, such as T-Mobile UK, Vodafone Egypt and Batelco in Bahrain.

Amazon opens French Kindle Store
For those living in France and were looking forward to getting on board Amazon’s Kindle, the good news is that the company has finally opened a French Kindle Store, adding to the list of stores outside of the US. For those living outside of France, not to worry as the French Kindle Store will also cover those living in Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland.On top of that, Amazon will be […]

Apple launches micro USB adapter for iOS devices
As most of you will know by now, gadgets in Europe all have a standard to comply with when it comes to chargers. It is mandatory for manufacturers to use Micro USB ports for their products unless they provide compatible adapters for their devices. Since Apple’s iOS devices all have the proprietary port, Apple had to provide an adapter for it, and it looks like they’ve finally done it. If […]

iTunes in the Cloud to be launched in Europe as well?
So we know that Apple has plans for an iTunes in the Cloud service, where users can synchronize songs bought from the iTunes store across multiple devices, such as their computers, iPhones and iPads wirelessly. It has initially been limited to just the US market due to Apple inking deals major labels and publishers based in the US, however the good news is that Apple is expected to make an […]

Could Europe's iPhone sport a micro USB interface?
Most, if not all phones in Europe use a micro USB interface (pictured above circled in red) to charge and sync, but Apple has stubbornly held on to their 30-pin dock connector design. Back in 2009 the European Commission managed to reach a voluntary agreement with 10 mobile phone manufacturers to adopt a standard micro USB interface, and Apple was one of the parties who signed a Memorandum of Understanding, […]

Google branded SIM card spotted in Spain
Google started out as a search engine, but over the years they have managed to expand their list of services to include e-mail (Gmail), a smartphone platform which has quickly dominated the marketshare in terms of platforms (Android) and recently even attempted to launch their very own social network (Google+). With Google Voice being an alternative to your typical cellular calls, would it be a stretch of the imagination to […]