Google unveiled its Google Duplex AI at the I/O conference last year. It’s capable of placing calls for the user for mundane tasks such as making dinner reservations. Google initially rolled it out on a very limited scale initially. The company is now expanding Duplex to 43 U.S. states and will soon bring it to non-Pixel smartphones as well.

We tried out Google Duplex last year and found that it worked as advertised. The AI was able to understand, check, and confirm reservation parameters in a restaurant role scenario. Some tried to challenge the system by adding errors in the reservation just to check if the AI was able to spot them. Not only did the AI catch the error, it would also politely correct the person.

There are only a few states left where Google Duplex won’t be available and they are Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas. Residents of any other state will find Duplex on their Pixel smartphone today.

Google has also confirmed that Duplex will no longer be limited to Pixel smartphones. This will vastly expand the AI’s research since Pixel devices only serve a subset of the overall smartphone market. Duplex will get support for Android and iOS devices in the next few weeks. The official blog post only mentions dining so that’s likely what’s possible with Duplex at this point in time. Its capabilities may be expanded down the line to help with other services.

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