Qualcomm’s Next Flagship Processor Might Have A Dedicated NPU

Qualcomm’s flagship processors like the Snapdragon 845 are widely used by the industry for high-end devices. The company hasn’t bundled a dedicated neural processing unit or NPU with its chips so far. AI processing thus takes place on the main chip along with other tasks. That might change with the company’s flagship chip for next year which is expected to feature a dedicated NPU.

‘Google Coach’ Wearable Fitness Assistant Reportedly Being Developed

Google is increasingly utilizing the advancements that it has made in artificial intelligence to launch powerful new experiences. One such experience is said to be Google Coach. It’s an AI-powered health and wellbeing coach which will help train users to how to lead better lives.

Someone Made A Robot To Find Waldo In Where’s Waldo

Finding Waldo in Where’s Waldo can be a fun collaborative activity which gets progressively harder as you flip the pages. If you’ve ever wanted a simpler way of finding Waldo that involved no effort whatsoever from you then you’re going to like this report. Redpepper, a creative agency, has developed a robot which uses artificial intelligence to find Waldo. The robot even has a silicone hand that will point to […]

Tech Leaders Promise Not To Develop AI Weapon Systems

There has been a lot of concern surrounding the use of artificial intelligence for weapon systems. Some well regarded tech leaders have now decided to promise that they will not use the technology to develop “lethal autonomous weapons.” The leaders include the three co-founders of DeepMind, Google’s AI subsidiary, and Elon Musk.


Adobe To Catch Photoshopped Images With Artificial Intelligence

“Photoshopping” images is the act of altering an original image to the extent that it conveys something else entirely. It’s harmless use results in funny images and memes but it’s regularly used as a tool for propaganda and spreading misinformation as well. Such images can often trick social media and even news outlets to the point that they end up going viral. Adobe wants to reduce the role that its […]

NVIDIA’s AI Can Create Convincing Slow Motion Videos

When done right, slow motion footage can be very dramatic and interesting to watch. Some OEMs as now billing the ability to take good slow motion footage as one of the USPs of their handsets and with good reason. It requires substantial processing power and large memories which are primarily found on high-end devices. However, NVIDIA has a new solution which can make it easier for smartphones of the future […]

Microsoft’s AI Bot Can Make Phone Calls To Humans As Well

Google took us all by surprise at I/O 2018 earlier this month when it showcased its Google Duplex technology. It’s what allows a bot to make a phone call and talk to a real human being in order to accomplish tasks such as booking a table at a restaurant. The idea is to have users just command Assistant to do these tasks with Duplex making the call on their behalf […]

Bank Of America Launches Erica, Its Own AI Assistant

Bank of America has a lot of mobile customers, over 25 million to be precise, and they will now be able to experience a new kind of service through Erica, the bank’s very own artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. Bank of America actually started rolling out Erica back in March. It enables customers to perform banking tasks through voice commands, texts, and even gestures in the Bank of America mobile app.

Chinese School Will Use Facial Recognition To Catch Napping Students

We have all napped in class at some point in our lives but that’s going to get harder for students at one high-tech school in China. The high school students will find it difficult to doze off in class because the school will be using artificially intelligent cameras with sophisticated facial recognition tools to find out if a student is not paying attention.

Robert Downey Jr. And YouTube Red Making A Series On Artificial Intelligence

Iron Man himself, actor Robert Downey Jr., has teamed up with YouTube Red to make a series on artificial intelligence. Also teaming up with him on this project is producer Susan Downey who happens to be the actor’s wife. Their artificial intelligence documentary is going to be premiered on YouTube Red which is the online video service’s premium platform for original content that can only be accessed by those who […]

Google Photos Uses AI To Bring One-Tap Actions

Google has renewed its commitment to artificial intelligence at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today as the company revealed new AI-powered features for many of its apps. Google Photos is one such app that has now received several new AI-powered features and one-tap actions happens to be one of those features.

Smart Compose In Gmail Enables Predictive Email Drafting

Google has been talking up its focus on artificial intelligence at its I/O 2018 keynote today and one of the first new features that it announced was Smart Compose in Gmail. The feature follows up on Smart Reply in Gmail that was introduced last year. That feature surfaced appropriate responses to emails that users could shoot off with just one tap. Smart Compose takes it one step further by actually […]

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Cautions Against Artificial Intelligence Threats

Add Google co-founder Sergey Brin to the list of people who don’t think that there are no concerns related to artificial intelligence that should be addressed in due course. While he’s not in the same league as people who fear that the technology might become self-aware some day and end mankind as we know it, he does caution about the various threats that artificial intelligence presents in the current “technology […]

AlterEgo Lets You Control Smart Devices Like A Cyborg

AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri have made it very easy to control smart devices, just given them a voice command and they will do the needful. However, one can certainly think of a possibility where it’s even speaking out loud isn’t required and whatever you want to do just happens. Perhaps for that you would require a device that can read minds and while AlterEgo doesn’t quite do […]