IBM’s AI Can Predict Breast Cancer With Radiologist-Level Accuracy

Breast cancer happens to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women across the globe. Earlier detection is one of the first steps to prevention as successful intervention in early stages could be the difference between life and death. Researchers have been building prediction models based on artificial intelligence and IBM says that its new AI models can predict breast cancer with “radiologist-level accuracy.”

San Francisco To Use AI For Reducing Bias When Charging Crimes

A “bias mitigation tool” will now be used by San Francisco in order to automatically redact information from police reports which could identify a suspect’s race. The tool uses basic artificial intelligence techniques in order to reduce bias when people are being charged with crimes. This is meant to prevent prosecutors from being influenced by racial bias when they’re deciding whether or not to charge a suspect. San Francisco will […]

Exact Air Pollution From All Power Plants Globally Will Soon Be Revealed

Power plants, particularly those that run on fossil fuels, tend to pollute the environment. No wonder countries are increasingly shifting to more renewable and green sources of energy to reduce their impact on the environment. WattTime, a nonprofit artificial intelligence firm, will soon provide valuable data which will track air pollution from every power plant in the world.

LG Unveils Its Own AI Chip For Smarter Home Products

LG has announced that it has developed its very own artificial intelligence chip which will be used to make its smart home products even smarter. The chip, it says, has a proprietary LG Neural Engine which better enables it to mimic the neural network of the human brain. This will greatly improve the processing of deep learning algorithms, LG claims.


Fancy Some Whisky Created By Microsoft’s AI?

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing many things. It can perform complex tasks, beat humans at their own game, and now it can even create whisky. Sweden-based Mackmyra Whisky distillery has teamed up with Finnish tech company Fourkind and Microsoft to create the world’s first whisky developed with artificial intelligence.

AI Defeats Top Dota 2 Esports Team

The players on top esports teams for titles like Dota 2 are quite literally the masters of their craft. Millions of people tune into their matches just to see how some of the best players in the world tackle the game. One such team, OG, won Valve’s 2018 International but it couldn’t win a best-of-three exhibition match against OpenAI Five.

Google Duplex Is Expanding To More States, Non-Pixel Phones

Google unveiled its Google Duplex AI at the I/O conference last year. It’s capable of placing calls for the user for mundane tasks such as making dinner reservations. Google initially rolled it out on a very limited scale initially. The company is now expanding Duplex to 43 U.S. states and will soon bring it to non-Pixel smartphones as well.

Microsoft Excel Uses AI To Let You Insert Data From Picture

Data entry in spreadsheets is not something that many people enjoy doing. It can be more tedious if the data is not coming from a source which allows you to copy/paste, such as a printed receipt. Microsoft wants to take the pain out of that by relying on artificial intelligence to enable Excel to insert data from a picture.

Microsoft And MIT’s Model Can Spot AI Blind Spots In Autonomous Cars

Autonomous or self-driving cars can sometimes make mistakes. It all comes down to whether the AI that’s powering the self-driving system has trained enough to handle a particular situation on the road. Since these gaps in knowledge can result in dangerous mistakes from cars that drive themselves, Microsoft and MIT have come up with a solution to essentially fill in these gaps and detect the artificial intelligence blind spots in […]

U.S. Army Is Considering Automated AI Weapons

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has the potential to be used for warfare. That’s something the United States Army is looking into. The head of the army’s acquisitions has said allowing artificial intelligence to fully control some weapons systems may be the only way to defeat some enemy weapons.

Google Lens Is Capable Of Recognizing One Billion Items

Google Lens is the artificial intelligence-powered camera tool that can recognize the items that it can see. A preliminary version of this feature was launched last year on Photos and Google Assistant. At that point in time, it could only recognize around 250,000 items. The company has revealed today that Lens can now recognize more than one billion items. A redesigned Lens experienced was launched across iOS and Android just […]

Google Launches Diabetic Eye Disease Screening AI Program

Google today announced that it has launched an artificial intelligence program in Thailand. The program’s purpose will be to screen for a diabetic eye disease that can cause permanent blindness. The company has previously launched a similar program in India. These programs are meant to showcase the social benefits of artificial intelligence.

Lexus’s Latest Ad Was Scripted Entirely By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many industries and it seems that copywriting could be one of them. Lexus has launched a new ad which has been scripted entirely by artificial intelligence. The carmaker believes that it’s a world’s first. It’s a 60 second ad spot titled “Driven by intuition” which promotes the idea that humans and machines can work together to offer an enhanced driving experience.

China’s State Press Agency Gets It First ‘AI Anchor’

China’s state-run press agency has enlisted the services of an “AI anchor” to read the news. Xinhua’s AI anchors will essentially be digital composites that are created from footage of real human hosts and they will read the news through synthesized voices. Xinhua hasn’t really detailed the technology that has been used to create these anchors.