Intel has announced at the Game Developers Conference that it’s going to launch the 9th Gen Intel Core mobile H-series processors in the second half of this year. The lineup will include the new Intel Core i9 processor. It says that this new lineup of high-performance mobile processors will “power the ultimate laptops for gamers.”


A spokesperson for the company added that these upcoming processors are based on the older 14nm Coffee Lake architecture. These chips will offer considerable performance to creators as well who have to run resource-heavy programs which include photo and video editing software.

Intel has now provided more clarity on when we can expect the new chips to arrive. It had previously said that it’s aiming for a launch during the second quarter. This was mentioned in passing during the company’s CES 2019 presentation earlier this year.

One of Intel’s main goals with the new series is to provide longer battery life. So it’s aiming to provide a more rounded experience so that gamers can get a good battery backup for when they’re not engrossed in intense gaming sessions, which can’t really be done for too long on battery power alone anyway.

The second quarter timeline means that these chips should come out before July this year. It won’t be long before laptops powered by the new chips arrive after that.

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