The original Diablo title from 1996 has a lot of fans and they will be delighted to hear that the game is now available for the first time digitally on They can get the title from there and also choose between two modes. They can choose between the two versions that are now available for download for Windows from

This has been made possible because of a partnership between Blizzard and gaming marketplace As such, the digital versions of Warcraft 2 and Warcraft: Orcs and Humans are also being developed. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed precisely when these titles are going to be released.

There’s an old-school version with 20 FPS, multiplayer support, and SVGA graphics.
The other version comes with Windows 10 support out of the box, gets high-resolution support in addition to bug fixes.

This re-release is now available from and Windows users can get it for $9.99. There’s absolutely no requirement to download the Blizzard app first before one can get the original Diablo title. Fans who use Macs don’t have much to rejoice as the company has confirmed that this re-release is only for Windows. It doesn’t say if a version for Mac is going to be created in the future.

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