Ahead of BlizzCon 2016, there were rumors that we could be getting a new Diablo game in the form of Diablo 4. There were even rumors about a Diablo 2 HD remake but that was quickly shot down by Blizzard. Instead what we got was a recreation of Diablo 1 within the world of Diablo 3 itself.

The folks at PC Gamer were curious, as were we, as to why Blizzard did not just release the game as a standalone game? That’s what Tom Marks from PC Gamer decided to ask Diablo 3 game designer Travis Day and production director John Lagrave about it in an interview at BlizzCon 2016.

According to Lagrave, he stated that it was because they were simply just trying to give players a taste of what they used to enjoy back in the day when the first Diablo was released, which was 20 years ago. He also stated that Blizzard has in the past been pretty good about releasing content for free, so they did not see any reason to break from tradition.

We suppose we’re not sure how many players would have bothered purchasing a remake of the original Diablo, not to mention Blizzard would also have to maintain a separate game which would be tiresome in itself. In any case the good news is that the Diablo 1 remake, known as the Darkening of Tristram, will be an annual event that will take place every January, so if you miss out this year, there’s always the next year to look forward to.

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