BioWare’s launch of Anthem on the PS4 hasn’t been a particularly smooth one. Gamers have been complaining about the game crashing on their console to the point where it is essentially unplayable. Fortunately it seems that according to PS4 gamers, some gamers have had some luck getting refunds.

In a thread posted on Reddit, one user writes, “Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem no questions asked. Took me 5 minutes.” It is unclear if this refund request works for all gamers or if it is on a case-by-case basis, but if you bought Anthem and you’re having issues with it on the PS4, you could try your luck asking for a refund.

While most gamers seem to have no issue asking for a refund without much fuss, some gamers were flat out refused a refund. Some users speculate that it is because all accounts are granted an unofficial “no questions asked” refund, and if you’ve requested for a refund before then you might not be able to get one now.

We suppose that eventually there should be patches released that will address these issues with the game, so until then maybe you can wait it out or as we said, you can try your luck for a refund.

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