Microsoft is working on a significant new feature for the Calculator app in Windows 10. It made the app open-sourced on GitHub earlier this month and so far, more than thirty suggestions have been received from contributors so far. According to a new report, Microsoft is working to add a graphing mode to the app. This will enable Windows 10 Calculator to graph math equations.


The addition of a graphing mode was actually the first open-sourced suggestion selected by Microsoft for the app. The idea came from Dave Grochocki, an engineer at the company, who pointed out that the feature would enable students to study algebra.

He added that algebra is a crucial subject before students move on to more advanced maths, science, and engineering subjects. It also happens to be a subject that most students in the United States commonly fail.

It’s not common for basic calculator apps to have graphing functionality to this feature will provide Windows 10 Calculator with a considerable advantage over other apps. This feature is currently under development so it remains to be seen how long it will take before it’s rolled out to the stable version of Windows 10. The additions in GitHub show that this feature will allow users to graph linear, quadratic, and exponential equations.

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