Increasingly tough action is being taken against robocalls as the problem has grown to monumental proportions in the United States. No one is safe from a robocall, not even the CEO of the country’s second largest mobile carrier. A woman in Tennessee has been awarded almost half a million dollars after a furniture company hounded her illegally with more than 300 robocalls.


Veronica Davis started receiving calls from furniture company Conn’s back in September 2015. Court filings show that the calls started about a month after she purchased furniture from the chain’s Memphis store, particularly during the 10 day grace period she was told that she had for making the monthly installment payments. The company repeatedly hounded her with robocalls between the day her payment was due and the end of the grace period with an automatic telephone dialing system.

Davis had revoked her contest to be contacted by the company in March 2017 but she received 306 additional robocalls even when she had specified that she did not want to be contacted. On some days, she received over a dozen calls in just one day. Since the company called her after she had revoked her consent, it was a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Conn’s has now been given 30 days from March 25th to pay the $459,000 award to Davis which amounts to the maximum of $1,500 per call after the consent was revoked. The furniture chain has filed a motion to vacate the award in the Southern District of Texas.

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