People in the United States really want the Federal Communications Commission and mobile carriers to do something about robocalls. They have become a nuisance with one report suggested that more than 26 billion robocalls are now being placed in the country annually. So it may be entirely unsurprising to see that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson got a robocall during a live interview.

Stephenson was at an Economic Club event in Washington yesterday when he received a robocall in front of dozens of audience members. Whether he actually did get robocalled or the entire episode was staged to highlight that AT&T is likely the first carrier to take an important step to combat robocalls, it just goes to show that no one is safe from such calls, not even the person who runs the country’s second largest mobile carrier.

The clip posted below shows Stephenson pausing during a discussion to look at his Apple watch which was notifying him about an incoming call. He told the audience “I’m getting a robocall, too… It’s literally a robocall.”

The timing is obviously suspect given that AT&T has announced a claimed first in the nation partnership with Comcast to make it harder for robocalls to spoof numbers. They expect the system to go live before the end of this year. It does drive the point home, though, something surely has to be done to better prevent robocalls from making people want to pull their hair out.

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