If there is a reason why developers and publishers are loving the microtransaction model, it is because it allows them to earn a lot more over the course of the game’s lifetime. This is versus the previous model where once the game was bought and paid for, that’s where their revenue kind of comes to an end.

A good example would be NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11, in which based on a post on Reddit by AccomplishedPoet8, they have taken the time to calculate how much it would cost gamers to buy all the skins available in the game. Spoiler alert: it does not come cheap and assuming the calculations are right, it will cost a whopping $6,440.

Now, we should point out that you don’t need to spend real-life money to unlock these skins. This is because the skins can be unlocked by doing character tutorials and completing basic towers. The in-game currency used to unlock the skins can also be grinded out, but this will take gamers a very, very long time and isn’t very realistic unless you have a lot of time and patience.

That being said, we imagine that most gamers would probably only focus on their favorite characters, but based on this calculation, it seems that there is at least an additional $6,000 worth of untapped revenue that NetherRealm could get from the game after it has been bought.

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