Tech and animals don’t always go so well together, namely due to the fact that tech has been designed for humans and animals don’t usually understand the purpose of them. However, recently in a video shared on Instagram by Mike Holston (@therealtarzann), it shows a chimpanzee browsing Instagram on an iPhone like a normal person.


In the video, the chimpanzee in question is watching a video featuring other monkeys. The animal even manages to take advantage of gestures, where it swipes back to go back to the profile before tapping on other photos and videos and swiping back again. It is actually kind of eerie how precisely the chimpanzee is able to use Instagram, and we suppose goes to show how intelligent some animals are and how we can underestimate them at times.

That being said, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen animals interacting with tech gadgets, although this could probably be one of the most precise interactions that we’ve seen to date. The chimp’s movements and gestures seem almost human-like in nature, and if you have a minute or so to spare, it might be worth checking out the video below. The post has since gone viral where it has managed to rack up around 1.5 million views with over 8,000 comments.

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