Netflix is going to test a top 10 list of its most popular movies and shows with streamers in the United Kingdom. The list would enable them to see at a glace which movies and series are performing the best on Netflix. The list is going to be updated weekly with each genre getting its dedicated list.

“For those who want to watch what others are watching, this may make choosing titles even easier,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a letter to the company’s investors. “ After a few months we’ll decide whether to end or expand the test,” he added.

Netflix is going to begin this test with streamers in the United Kingdom later this quarter. If the test proves to be a success in that market, the company may decide to roll out this list in other markets that it serves as well. This is a small but significant change for Netflix.

That’s because the company has long been protective of its viewership data and doesn’t really share streaming metrics for its content. While a simple list still won’t reveal just how many people watched the last season of The Crown, it will at least give an idea of what’s trending on one of the world’s biggest online content streaming services.

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