Unchecked hunting has driven many animal species to the verge of extinction. That’s why it is more important than ever to ensure that their remaining numbers survive so that the species has a chance of surviving. Unfortunately, poaching of endangered animals like Rhinos still continues. A suspected poacher who broke into a national park to hunt them illegally got served some pretty swift justice at the hands of Mother Nature.


Kruger National Park officials said that the suspected poacher broke into the park to illegally hunt Rhino. That’s when he ran into a family of elephants. The man’s accomplices revealed that he was ultimately overcome by the elephants who killed him.

That’s not where the story ends for our illegal hunter. The family of the poacher got in contact with the Skukuza Regional Ranger, Don English, who arranged a search party to find the remains. Information provided by four of the deceased accomplices after they were arrested proved helpful in finding the remaining.

It was when the rangers got to the remains was it discovered that the illegal poacher’s body had been devoured by a pride of lions who left behind only a skull and pants. There’s a reason why national parks organize safari tours under the guidance of experienced rangers. Animals in the wild are not to be messed around with.

Filed in General.. Source: sanparks.org

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