These days with everything being put online, it has become a lot easier to do your shopping, banking, and other activities without having to leave the house. In fact, some companies actually encourage you to sign up and use their online services, such as receiving your bills where you might get a discount when you opt for e-billing instead of paper bills.


Verizon is one of those companies who looks to be encouraging the use of their online services. The company has announced that starting this Thursday, they will be reducing their upgrade and activation fee of $20 if you were to make a purchase through the company’s My Verizon app or on their website.

Previously Verizon had charged customers a $30 fee for device upgrades, which means that if you choose to purchase it online or use their app, you’ll still have to pay the fee, but it will be discounted by $20. Perhaps in a bid to further encourage customers to use their services, Verizon has also announced that upgrade and activation fees done over the phone or in their physical store will cost $40.

The carrier has attempted to justify it by claiming to offer a “full-service experience”, but whether or not you need it is entirely up to you, but if you don’t, you could save yourself $20.

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