For Pixel smartphone owners in the future, the next time you’re driving and you get into a car crash, there is a good chance that your Pixel smartphone might be able to tell that you are in an accident and potentially call for help on your behalf. This is according to a recent discovery by XDA Developers who found hints of the feature in the latest beta for Android Q.

According to the discovery, they found a new Google app called “Safety Hub” with various references made to car crash. It also appears that the references made suggest that it could be a Pixel exclusive, meaning that non-Pixel smartphones might not get the feature and could actually help Google make their Pixel smartphones more compelling.

That being said, it is unclear as to how this feature would work and how the phone might be able to tell if the user got into a car crash. It is possible that it could rely on sensors like the accelerometer to tell if the device has come to a sudden stop, or it could also rely on the phone’s microphone to pickup sound that might sound like an accident.

While there is no mention of what will happen if the phone detects a car crash, but as we said, we imagine that it could be used to call for help, similar to how the Apple Watch’s fall detection can help call for help if the user does not respond promptly.

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