One of the most popular drop locations in the most popular battle royale title has now been destroyed by the developer. Epic does change Fornite’s environment often but Tilted Towers remained untouched. That has finally changed with a weeks-long in-game event ending in the destruction of Tilted Towers.

The weeks-long in-game event saw the vault opening up in Loot Lake with the volcano erupting and sending flaming rocks across the entire map. One of those rocks took out Tilted Towers as well, turning it into a big heap of ash. Epic has been building up this in-game event since March and while players did expect that the volcano eruption would make some changes, I doubt many would have seen this coming.

Titled Towers was a popular drop spot because it was easy to score a good loot there quickly. That’s a reason why a lot of players dropped here so it would instantly put them in battle with fellow players as well.

Epic does like to shake things up for Fortnite players and it has taken a significant step by destroying Tilted Towers in the game. This means that countless Fortnite players will now have to change their battle styles since they will no longer be able to drop at Tilted Towers and get into the action instantly.

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