For users who’d rather not pay to use software like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets is actually a very good alternative. Granted, there might be certain features that Excel has that Sheets does not, but for the most part, it is more than capable of getting the job done and then some, which is why users of Sheets will be pleased with the announcement of upcoming changes and improvements to the productivity software.


In an announcement on its blog, Google has revealed some of the changes they plan to introduce to Sheets. This includes the ability to remove duplicates, trim the whitespace to make sheets look neater, and also the introduction of new keyboard shortcuts that will hopefully make the overall experience more efficient for power users.

According to Google, the ability to remove duplicates seems to be a feature that many users have requested for. With it now being a native feature to Sheets, it means that users will no longer need to write scripts to remove duplicates or hunt them down manually, which depending on the size of the file, could take a while.

The new keyboard shortcuts will also be handy where according to Google, they have adapted keyboard shortcuts from “other spreadsheets”, so if you have worked with other spreadsheet software in the past, you might be able to keep using them with Sheets. The features are expected to roll out over the next 15 days or so, so keep an eye out for them.

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