The Nest Hub Max had been leaked previously so there was an expectation for a new smart display from Google at its I/O developers conference keynote today. The company has unveiled this product today. It’s basically a 10 inch smart display which combines the best features of the Nest Camera, Google Home Max, and the Google Home Hub.

Since the device does have a camera, it can be used as an indoor security camera which streams a live feed of your home to your smartphone. The camera also brings a feature called Face Match. It can recognize a face and then provide personalized information such as calendar appointments for that user only.

This feature has to be enabled manually and Google confirmed that all of the facial data is stored locally on the device and is never uploaded to the cloud. Users have to decide if they would like to use the Face Match feature.

The Nest Hub Max can also double as a control panel for the other smart home devices that you may have. This includes devices like the Nest thermostat or smart lights, for example. Much like the Google Home Hub, it can also play YouTube videos, double as a photo frame, and make Duo video calls. It can also stream live TV shows to act as your small kitchen TV. Need to pick up a call while your Nest Home Hub is playing your favorite music video? Just raise your hand in front of it and it will stop playing the media.

A confirmed release date has not yet been provided but Google said during the keynote today that the $229 Nest Hub Max will be released “later this summer.”

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