Google introduced Incognito Mode in its Chrome browser a long time ago. It pauses browsing history so any website you visit in that mode isn’t logged in the history. It also won’t link any of the data generated during the browsing session to your Google account. The company has been expanding Incognito Mode to more of its services and has confirmed today that it will soon be available in Google Maps.

YouTube received the Incognito Mode last summer and now its Maps turn. The company confirmed at I/O 2019 today that Google Maps will receive the Incognito Mode soon. It will be accessible through a new Google Account menu in the app which comes up when you tap on your display picture.

When Incognito Mode is enabled, the places that you search for and navigate to aren’t linked to your Google account. A gray bar at the top will notify users that they’re looking up places in Incognito Mode.

This is a neat little feature that certainly has its own fanbase on the Chrome browser. It’s good to see that Google is bringing it to Maps as well. Google didn’t provide an exact date for Incognito Mode in Maps, only saying that it’s “coming soon.”

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