Are you in the market for a powerful new gaming laptop? Perhaps you might want to take a look at HP’s latest Omen X 2S laptop. It’s quite different from conventional gaming laptops since it has a second display right above the keyboard. This means that you can play games and watch Twitch at the same time.

There’s a main 15 inch 1080p display with a 144Hz refresh rate with upgrade options for a 240Hz model and 4K HDR version. There’s also a 6 inch 1080 display that’s placed above the keyboard. In order to make space for this display, the trackpad has been moved to the right corner where you’d typically find the number pad on a 15 inch notebook.

This display can be used for viewing content that doesn’t fit on the main screen or simply as a virtual number pad. The display can also mirror specific parts of the screen such as the minimap in a shooter game. It can even be used as a full second display though you won’t get much mileage out of it since it’s a tiny 6 inch compared to the full 15 inch display.

The pre-configured Omen X 2S costs $2,700 and features the Intel i7-9750H processor with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and an NVIDIA 2080 graphics card. The user configurable variant starts at $2,100 with the Intel i7-9750H processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and an NVIDIA 2070 graphics card. HP is going to start shipping this gaming laptop by late May.

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