Many years ago, no one really gave Huawei too much attention as far as smartphones are concerned. Instead, many seemed to be more interested in seeing companies such as Apple and Samsung performed, but in recent times, it’s becoming impossibly hard to ignore the rise of Huawei.

In fact, the latest data from Counterpoint Research has revealed that Huawei’s global smartphone market share is at an all-time high, where they command about 17% of the smartphone market. They are still behind the likes of Samsung who holds the first place at 21%, but given the trends, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to eventually catch up.

This is because Counterpoint’s data has revealed that Huawei’s market share is on an upwards trend, versus the likes of Samsung and Apple, both of whom appear to be slowly declining in market share. Looking at the numbers, Samsung’s global shipments for Q1 2019 was around 72 million, Apple is at 42 million, while Huawei is at 59.1 million.

It has been a while since Huawei had overtaken Apple, and based on this, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to overtake Samsung in the next year or two. This is despite the fact that the company has been facing a fair amount of resistance from government agencies around the world over concerns of alleged spying.

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