If you’re looking to make a new gaming rig or a really powerful system, then you might be interested to learn that Intel has announced their latest CPU in the form of the Intel Core i9-9900KS, which could very well be Intel’s most powerful and fastest CPU to date.


The Intel Core i9-9900KS represents an upgrade over the 9900K and is supposed to be a special version of the processor. This is because according to Intel, the 9900KS will be capable of hitting clock speeds of up to 5GHz across all eight of its cores, instead of just being able to reach 5GHz on a single-core.

This means that in terms of power, this chipset will be quite a beast when it comes to multi-core processes. Of course, exactly how many of us will actually need that much power remains to be seen, but at least those who do need it will have some options. As for the base speed, Intel has confirmed that it will be clocking in at 4GHz, versus 3.6GHz on the regular 9900K.

Intel did not mention anything about TDP so it is unclear if it will require more power (which means that some might need to upgrade their PSUs). There is also no mention about pricing but we imagine that it will probably not come cheap.

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