The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is one of this year’s flagship smartphones that many have been looking forwards to. This is because over the years, Samsung has done a great job with their flagship phones where with every release, it has been met with a lot of praise. However, this year OnePlus has challenged the company with the OnePlus 7 Pro where it offers up near identical hardware specs but at a more affordable price.

So the question is, which should you get? Given that both phones feature almost similar hardware, we suppose the best thing to do is put them through a speed test which the folks at PhoneBuff have done. In the video above, you can see the OnePlus 7 Pro go up against the Galaxy S10+ in a speed test show down.

Both phones are packing the Snapdragon 855 while the OnePlus 7 Pro has 12GB of RAM versus the 8GB used in the Galaxy S10+. It also features faster storage compared to Samsung’s flagship, and we reckon that these differences is what gave the phone a slight edge over Samsung.

However, it wasn’t as if OnePlus beat Samsung by a huge margin. It was a difference of about 8-9 seconds which means that in day-to-day usage, you might not necessarily be able to tell the difference. If you have a few minutes to spare, this video might be worth checking out.

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