Cigarette smoke is harmful even when you’re not the person smoking and someone around you is. That’s why it’s prohibited to smoke in most public establishments. Dedicated smoking areas can be found at these places and a new one just set up in Singapore actually converts the harmful cigarette smoke into clean air.


Smoking Cabin SG has been launched by Southern Globe Corporation, an aviation sales and logistics company. These outdoor smoking cabins are being placed on Singapore’s streets where smokers can light up without bothering non-smokers.

The cabin can convert the second-hand smoke that’s emitted from the cigarettes into clean air. The first of these cabins have been positioned outside Fusionopolis. The company plans on deploying 60 of these cabins across the island of Singapore by the end of this year.

The cabins have a filtering system that uses three filters to remove smoke particles. The centrifugal fan sucks the smoke into the system which is then processed through the filters. The first two remove the dust and micron particles while the third is an activated carbon filter which removes chemicals and tobacco smells. The end result is clean air.

In order to be energy efficient, the filtering system is motion activated and it will deactivate 15 minutes after a user leaves the cabin. The lights also turn off if no movement is detected inside for 10 minutes. The air conditioner is even switched off from 10 pm to 6 am to be as energy efficient as possible.

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