Several years ago as an April Fool’s joke, Razer announced a new project called Project Breadwinner in which they would be launching a toaster made by Razer. Clearly it was a joke, but it was a joke that stuck around for years to come, so much so that the company’s CEO said that if it got 1 million likes on Facebook, they would make it a reality.


Turns out that Min-Liang Tan is a man of his words because in a post made on Facebook, Tan announced that the Razer Toaster is now going to be made a reality, and don’t worry, we’re already in May so this isn’t a follow-up April Fool’s joke. According to Tan, “Alright – I didn’t think these guys were going to make it – but they did. It was to hit 1M likes and with each Razer Toaster tattoo being equivalent to 100K likes each….and they now have 12 Razer Toaster tattoos.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the Razer Toaster could be a long time coming because Tan states that it will be a few years before it is released. “Well….what can I say. I’ve just officially liked their page – and I’m going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years – but I’ll be sure to share the progress – and make it a community affair.”

It will be interesting to see how well-received the gadget will be upon its release, so if the idea of a Chroma-powered toaster appeals to you, then this might be a project worth keeping an eye out for.

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