Secret menus at restaurants have become rather popular, where they usually contain dishes that not many people might know about, and in some cases, might actually be more tasty than what’s being offered to the public. It can be fun finding out these secret menu items, and it seems that if you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, you’ll be able to access some of them.


Samsung has recently announced a partnership with four restaurant chains in the UK where they will be giving access to a secret menu but only if you’re a Galaxy owner. These restaurants include Bill’s, The Breakfast Club, Patty & Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims, and if you’re the owner of a Samsung Galaxy handset, you’ll need to go to Samsung’s website, scan the tabletop code, and the dish will be revealed.

It will not work if you are using a non-Galaxy handset, but we suppose there’s no stopping Galaxy owners from ordering on behalf of their friends, right? We’re not sure how long this promotion is expected to run for, but it does seem like a pretty fun way to take advantage of technology. Of course, we doubt that the access to a secret menu will be enough to convince people to hop on board Samsung’s bandwagon, but if you do own a Samsung handset and live in the UK, it could be worth checking out if you like trying new things.

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